Webcasting can increase your public relations, internal communications as well as your Investor relations through

  • Shareholder meetings
  • Government
  • Associations
  • Healthcare
  • Town hall meetings
  • Employee updates
  • Press events
  • Product launches
  • Conferences

Interactive live Q&A features let participants ask questions, comment, discuss, and answer polls, all with powerful moderation features that keep you in control.

On-site Audio-Visual Production

We bring broadcasting to businesses by bringing a top-tier A/V production team to client locations which include cameramen, audio engineers, equipment – from professional cameras, mics, and mixers, to even mobile satellite transmission vehicles.

Live webcasts boost social media engagement. Our live streaming video integrates seamlessly with major social networks. Engage conversation and create buzz around your event to help build your following online.

– All Video production equipment and staff

– Multi-camera for multiple angles

– Your logo and branding in the video

– Lower third graphics of sponsor names and presenter affiliations displayed in real-time

– Integrated Slides, PowerPoint presentations or pre-recorded videos

– HTML5-based, embeddable video player.  No software download installation required to watch and can be placed on any website

– Compatibility with PCs, MAC, iOS, Android mobile devices and tablets on all major browsers

– On-demand event recording, made available online or have a complete polished edited version upon request

– Real-time chat and Q&A that meets your needs – you have total control over what questions appear

– Social media network integration

– A customized branded viewing page on the Chisel Multimedia website or we can customize a proprietary branded event page and host for future events

– A worldwide video distribution network

– Unlimited live webcast viewers

Chisel Multimedia has experience webcasting conferences of all types and sizes, and we are ready to create a custom solution to fit yours.

Live streaming your conference video lets you broaden your audience. With a live webcast,  your reach is worldwide and not limited to just local participants.

Webcasting helps you expand your impact. Webcasting helps you reach the professionals in your field, local law and policy makers as well as the general public, globally.

Integrating pay-per view solutions in your live webcast can generate a new source of revenue to help build and include your audience online

Live Webcasts help your engagement on Social Media. With live video, off-site social media users who would otherwise be simply watching  reports from inside the conference can become content generators themselves.  Live video stimulates the conversation online and help build your audience.

Live Webcast recordings can help extend the life o the event. Chisel Multimedia’s high-definition webcast recording and video archives can be embedded on any website or edited into highlight reels for easy distribution.                                               

  • Panel discussions
  • Annual meetings
  • Internal Policy briefings
  • Trainings
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Webinars

Chisel Multimedia can provide both the raw live broadcast or a complete polished edited recording (upon request) of your event or conference in high definition.

Utilizing our Multi-bit live streaming platform, you can be sure to get a consistent quality video signal from any iOS, Android or tablet anywhere in the world.

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