Our Process


Understanding the webcast

Your live webcast can be Video only or Video and synchronized Powerpoint slides. Need integrated video? Need Q & A? Does the viewer need to see synchronized Powerpoint slides changing in real time? Are there multiple speakers or sessions? We provide the equipment, crew and develop the event page and Media Portal as needed.

Pre-production site survey

We travel to your location before the event and test the provided internet connection for speed and stability. We assure the venue is prepared with proper lighting, staging and in-room audio and video. If you need us to provide any additional A/V service, we do this before the event.


Developing the event page

Our team member will develop and deploy the interactive media portal that will be the streaming video destination website for your viewers. We will work together with your team to complete the design and branding of the event streaming page. We add your required features including any login or security. User registration and management, speaker or agenda listings and sponsors.

Broadcast the Livestream

The live stream broadcast is sent via the internet connection out to our Content Delivery Network (CDN) which has servers located all over the world. Each of those servers acts as a broadcast point for your webcast. When a viewer opens your webcast page, that request is directed to the data server center closest to them. By directing your audience to the nearest data center, it will cut down the time it takes to deliver your live stream to them.


Archive the live stream event.

As the content is being encoded and broadcast we simultaneously recording it in HD and archive it to our servers. Upon finalizing the encoded video, you will have immediate access to the event you can then share, sell or incorporate an archive of hosted past live webcasts as “on-demand” webcasts.  the presentations into e-learning courses or bundles of content. We also provide a backup HD recording on hard drive in case you want a polished edited version of your event.

If you choose to do so we provide an archive of hosted past live webcasts as “on-demand” webcasts with integrated pay-per-view features.

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